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There questions were made up by Dougie. No-one knows who Dougie is.

Milk: Skimmed, Semi-skimmed or whole?
Got to be Semi-skimmed Dougie.

Diving: Deep sea or snorkelling.
Well, up until last year, I would have said Deep-Sea, and I still would.

French: Love of hate?

Who shot Mr Burns?
Mr Burns? I have no idea. But I would have! He is so boring! Yawn

Tenacious D: Legends or untalented b****rds?

Best bit in 'Titanic?'
Either, the drawing bit, or the bit when the boat tips and every falls down, hitting the chimneys on their way!

Favourite number?

Trees: 'Pretty' or a waste of good wood!?
Definitely a waste of good wood!

Christina Aguilera: Dirty or "Oh, Good Arse!"?
"Oh, Good Arse!!!!"!!!!

Favourite see-through material: Glass, perspex or wet, white t-shirts?
Well Dougie, I would go for a perspex,t-shirt

Where abouts?
Under the cinema chair.

Favourite Ayrshire village?
Definitely Mauchline, home of King Z!

What is green, spiky and rolls down hills on windy days?
Well, seeing as I made this joke, I would say it is a Christmas Tree, unless its in Australia.then it would roll up hills.

Who's your football idol?
Big Yards!

Any pre-match superstitions?
I always tie my shoe laces.

Where is Shergar?
I believe I saw him working at Sandys (theres some advertisment)

DVDs or VHS?
Washing machine. But for this questionDVD.

In 5 words, describe yourself.
Describe myself? Hmmm, tricky.well

When was your first snorkelling experience?
June 5th 1941. I was snorkelling round the french coast.

Why do you like your position?
Because of my lightning fast pace!

What came first, the chicken or the egg?
The egg.

What team do you support? Why?
St.Mirren! I often ask myself the same question.

Who is your favourite apple-eater?
Biting Broking!

Baillie: Cool or freak?

When did you last make pottery?
I am making pottery as I type.

Neds: Love or hate?
Depends on the ned.

When was the last time you ran 500 miles?
This morning

Could you have run 500 more?
I did, I had to run back home.

I have a belly button, do you?
Im afraid I dont..

What's your favourite cutlery?
Cheese fork.

What's your favourite weather?

What's your favourite alcoholic beverage?
Turnip beer.

What's your favourite non-alcoholic beverage?
Turnip juice.i like Turnip.

If you were stranded on a desert island for one week...

What one person would you take?
What three items would you take?
Phone, distress flare, tv guide

Do you like Jimmy Hill?

Legend! Just thought Id be different.

Thongs or pants...

On woman?
On you?
On Big Jamie Hunter?
Has never crossed my mind.

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