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Members of USBOB Fan Club

Obviously, since this site was first made the general profile of Prestwick's favourite semi-amateur football team (ie.USBOB) has been boosted enormously. We have fans in our native Prestwick, near-by Ayr and one guy in sunny Brighton. There is no doubt in my mind that we are well on the way to world wide domination in terms of fans. In a few years USBOB will have fans in America, Africa, Australia and maybe even Peru! But for now anyone who wishes to become an official USBOB fan can email Markus: .
Registered Members
All registered USBOB players (28) 
Gillian McIlroy, Prestwick
Mark's wee sister Rebecca, Prestwick
Mark's wee brother Adam, Prestwick
Emma McClure, Prestwick
Keesheek, Bagdad
Brian, Brighton
L Roy's wee sister Jenny, Prestwick
Abdul, Prestwick
The Cat's wee brother Nicky, Prestwick
Rachael Baillie, Prestwick
Mrs. Baillie (Rachael's Mum), Prestwick
Anne Campbell, Kilmarnock
Lesley Anderson, Prestwick
Richie Ireland (Lesley's boyfriend) 
Craig Langford, Prestwick
Marcela Ponce, Queretaro, Mexico

Eat, Sleep, Breathe, (think about when yer by yerself) USBOB!!!