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Kyle Select    3 v 2    USBOB

If this game were to look like an animal it would look like a hippo. It was big fat and ugly and it was very sandy in the first half. James didn't make his debut because no one told him so we were glad when Tweedie showed. We also had a Crowd! Well more like a bunch but they were there to support Usbob. When we arrive there was a lot of "Are you ready for the Valentines Day Massacre?" When kick off came, we were the dominant force on the rather small pitch. Our first goal came from the feet of Russell who scored his first ever Usbob goal. For the most of the half, Usbob just kept missing and paid the price when, after making a decent save earlier, Lroy was beaten by a wicked deflection from the inside of Steveo's leg. Most of the team had worked their rumps off in the first half and deserved the extended break. In the second half, we kept up the pressure and got our money's worth when Ross the Bossman Cross slotted home to make it 2-1. Yes, that's right, it didn't go over, infact it stayed on the ground! After that we pressured for a while but started to lose it. Kyle made a few good attacks, which were constantly stooped by Cambo and cleared by Crab. But after being saved by the cross bar from a beast of a shot from Greame Jordan, Lroy was eventually beaten at the far post when the ball wiggled through the defence and flew in far post 10 minutes from the end, by Greame once again. A few people wanted to settle for a draw but it went in to extra time. Usbob held up for a good 15-20 minutes but we were always on the back foot in extra time and the team was very disappointed to lose the golden (or silver) goal. The whole team played fantastic but a special shout goes out to the Crab and Cambo who held firm in defence. The performance was summed up by the fact that that Lroy got the ball over the half way line from by-kicks in both halfs. The game in one word, yeast.    Lroy


Matt the Catt
Ross the Bossman Cross
Rab the Crab
Big Jamie Hunter

Their Team
Graeme Jordan
Graeme Mcgibbney
David Moulds
David Waters
Stephen Waters
Ally Evans
Sean Kelly
Martin Parsons
Scott Cunningham
Steven Adams
Simon Coli