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There questions were made up by Dougie. No-one knows who Dougie is.

Milk: Skimmed, Semi-skimmed or whole?


Diving: Deep sea or snorkelling.

deep sea snorkelling

French: Love of hate?

pretty much h8 them...but they did invent the french kiss!!

Who shot Mr Burns?

ok i admit it!! it was me!!

Tenacious D: Legends or untalented b****rds?


Best bit in 'Titanic?'

the steamy scene in the car was quite amusin, but the best bit was when the peeps hit off the propeller!

Favourite number?


Trees: 'Pretty' or a waste of good wood!?

waste of good wood!

Christina Aguilera: Dirty or "Oh, Good Arse!"?


Favourite see-through material: Glass, perspex or wet, white t-shirts?

wet, white t-shirts

Where abouts?

Go straight on, turn left into the one-way street(dont think ne1 will mind), and then it should be easy enough to find from there! Ne probs call 0800 IM LOST

Favourite Ayrshire village?

Prestwick/Ayr, mainly coz i cant b arsed goin newhere else

What is green, spiky and rolls down hills on windy days?

As dodds told me the joke, i know for a fact that its a christmas tree!!

Who's your football idol?

depends who's doing the best and making the most money!!

Any pre-match superstitions?

Always practice my diving technique b4 every game!

Where is Shergar?

cant say i care

DVDs or VHS?


In 5 words, describe yourself.

nuts, easy-going, cheery, ugly, masculine

When was your first snorkelling experience?

many years ago in spain

Why do you like your position?

because i end up going all about the footbal pitch NEway no matter what position im givin!!

What came first, the chicken or the egg? The egg

What team do you support? Why?

I dont support a team, i just watch occasionally.

Who is your favourite apple-eater?

Thingmebob do wop

Baillie: Cool or freak?

Bitta both, but leaning towards the latter. well so he tells me neway

When did you last make pottery?

i have never pottered

Neds: Love or hate?

depends which one. it's alwayz a good laff to watch their anticts tho!!

When was the last time you ran 500 miles?

3 nights ago, when i slept ran

Could you have run 500 more?

yeah, i did it the night b4 that too!!

I have a belly button, do you?

of course i do

What's your favourite cutlery?

i like a Forckin' knife the best!!

What's your favourite weather?


What's your favourite alcoholic beverage?

aftershock's good for a laff, but usually just MGD and Red Square

What's your favourite non-alcoholic beverage?

Red Bull

If you were stranded on a desert island for one week...

What one person would you take?
an electrician
What three items would you take?
a television, my phone, my credit card.

Do you like Jimmy Hill?

no, too chinny for my liking

Thongs or pants...

On woman?
yes please!!
On you?
nup, theyre a pain in the ass!!
On Big Jamie Hunter?
Whateva turns u on!!