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Lroy of the Leroy Clan


Milk: Skimmed, Semi-skimmed or whole?
You know Ive always been a whole man.

Diving: Deep sea or snorkelling.
I like to get deep , but I would have to say snorkelling

French: Love or hate?
Its a love hate relationship

Who shot Mr Burns?
I did, with the aid of 2 Cs

Tenacious D: Legends or untalented b****rds?

Best bit in 'Titanic?'
When you can tell that the car is a restored model T ford by the sound of the suspension

Favourite number?

Trees: 'Pretty' or a waste of good wood!?

Christina Aguilera: Dirty or "Oh, Good Arse!"?
Oh, Good Arse!

Favourite see-through material: Glass, perspex or wet, white t-shirts?
Perspex usually

Where abouts?

Favourite Ayrshire village?
Hansell village

What is green, spiky and rolls down hills on windy days?
A green spike with a sail in Baghdad, armed with a thermonuclear bomb

Who's your football idol?
Jaimie Hunter

Any pre-match superstitions?
I kick both posts, I dont think anyone knows that

Where is Shergar?
Old Trafford (sorry again Ruud)

DVDs or VHS?
I still use Beta-max

In 5 words, describe yourself.
I really dont want to

When was your first snorkelling experience?
Why do you like your position?
I like to stand on the spot the jump in the mud.What came first, the chicken or the egg?
Eggs from chickens?

What team do you support? Why?
Killie, because I can.

Who is your favourite apple-eater?
Dowop! Dowop! I made that chant up.

Baillie: Cool or freak?

When did you last make pottery?
I dont do drugs

Neds: Love or hate?
I love to hate them.

When was the last time you ran 500 miles?
The London Multimarathon

Could you have run 500 more?
Hell No.

I have a belly button, do you?
I suggested that question so, Im asking myself.
What's your favourite cutlery?
Measuring spoons

What's your favourite weather?
Volcano ash

What's your favourite alcoholic beverage?
Fomented pish

What's your favourite non-alcoholic beverage?
Plain pish

If you were stranded on a desert island for one week...

What one person would you take?
Do Siamese twins count as one
What three items would you take? A Greggs, my wallet and a cashier.

Do you like Jimmy Hill?
I like his beard he had in the 70s
Thongs or pants...

On woman?
On you? both
On Big Jamie Hunter? That makes me physically sick thinking about, it. Lovely way to finnish.