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I'll try to explain what we are actually about:

Legend has it that the USBOB legacy was started purely by coincidence.

This is how USBOB came about:

One day, it was not too warm, just nice, Dodds, Lroy and Markus were walking along Sommerset Rd. They were taking great care not to stand in any of the dangerous glass pieces that were there because of the neds. Everyone knows that when the neds are finished with their buckfast, they smash the bottles on the road but to our three hero's amazement, they came across an UnSmashed Bottle Of Buckfast! Lroy, ask sharp as usual, quickly shortened it to USBOB and it was decided to name our football team this.

USBOB were the first non-professional, non-amateur, non-any good team to produce their own website and we are very proud of this fact!


From the story of USBOB's creation, it is obvious that the 'neds' had a large part to play. For all our foreign fans we would like to define 'the ned'.

The NED or Non Educated Delinquent is a growing problem throughout Scotland. Originally spawning from Glasgow, neds have spilled out across the country creating problems for authorities and terrorising the elderly.

They have overly large heads and this creates huge problems with getting hats that fit. One of the early neds had a brainwave and now the ned trend is to just sit their caps on the top of their heads.

The newest generation or neds adopted Burberry as their trademark and "goin out an getting pure wasted man" on wine called Buckfast or 'Buckie' is a favourite past-time.


We would however like to point out that we are not in any way at all against the ned. It is getting hard to imagine a Scotland without neds. It would be boring. There would no longer be the chance to shout "haha look at the neds!" as you drive past and the popular in-car game of 'spot the ned' would die. No we respect the neds and the positive attitude they bring to all Scots who are proud to say I am not a ned!


Usbob promotes safe sex