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The 2nd Annual Invitational
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2-3 or 10-11 April, The Oval, Prestwick 



3rd and 4th or 10th and 11th April



1.        Games shall last 40mins

2.        Players shall not exceed 19 years of age with exception to Jaimes Fuds only, whose age limit is 21, cos theyre fuds.

3.        14 players per team, 3 rolling substitutes to come on outside 18 yard box in dead-ball situations.

4.        Teams are only allowed 3 players from league clubs

5.        3 points win, 1 point draw, 0 points lose. Any league placing disputes will be settled accordingly.

6.        Flash photography is banned behind the goalmouth.

7.        Burberry hats, sacks and scarves are not allowed.

8.        The brim of hats at an angle should not exceed 20 from the horizontal.

9.        There shall be no upper weight limit for players but the minimum weight limit shall be measured as 4 score and 6 ounces.

10.     Salted nuts will not be regarded as a legal snack.

11.     When not playing in a match, you should not play.

12.     Golf is not regarded as a form of free kick.

13.     Each team will provide at least 2 balls.

14.     Helmets will not be worn, for safety reasons.

15.     You will provide your own half-time entertainment.

16.     Fat players will be rationed to 5 pies per match.

17.     Usbob will not be responsible for any loss of property or person.

18.     The Penalty spot will not be marked with a scented candle, maybe puddles weather permitting.

19.     If you have a problem, talk to Jamie The Hunter Hunter Gatherer.

20.     If a team does not turn up, Usbob are given 3 points wither they are playing or not.

21.     Running spikes and climbing boots are not regarded as "safe" forms of footwear.

22.     Fishing rods shall not exceed 12ft in length.

23.     Usbob will not provide referees.

24.     The winning team will receive a mounted Chomp for winning.

25.  In the interest of sportsmanship teams should be roughly the same as last year. Only 2 players should play with a proper club and no players under contract of a professional club, youth or otherwise, should play.

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