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9/03/03 Match Report
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USBOB  9  v  2  Cameron's Team

This was a pulsating Prestwick derby that saw the underdogs winning by a considerable margin. It has to be said that Camerons Lot played with only 7 players but these were probably their 7 best. In an act of good sportsmanship USBOB offered to have 4 substitutes but the opposition turned this down.

The scoring was opened on 5 minutes when Cameron fired past L Roy.

The equaliser came immediately from Russell, scoring first for USBOB in the second game running. It was a great cut inside by the midfielder and a thunderous finish off the crossbar to beat the keeper.

USBOB then took the lead after a majestic 45 yard run from Tweedie and a slick slot past the goalkeeper.

The equaliser for Camerons Lot came shortly after but as it turned out, this would be almost their last chance of the game.

In the 30th minute Stevo scored the best goal of the game. After some great work on the right wing by the Bossman he crossed in for Stevo to slam home a brilliant volley. The next of the game after another run from Tweedie, left it to 'Catifarigus, The' to fire USBOB into a 4-2 half time lead.

After an inspirational team talk by match day captain Markus, USBOB gave a Brazilianesque performance in the second half.

 The Bossman chipped the goalkeeper in an unusually composed fashion early on and this was followed by a net bound shot from Tweedie that slipped through the goalkeepers hands.

USBOB thrived on being 6-2 up and went on to play steadily. Goal number seven came from the Bossman, securing his brace by placing the ball into the bottom corner.

Tweedie grabbed a deserved hat trick after a mix up between Big Kevs brain and legs leaving Tweedman to net his third goal of the game.

The Cat who latched onto Markus fine though ball to score his 5th career goal hammered the final nail into the coffin of Camerons Lot.


Congratulations have to go to Tweedie who scored his first USBOB goals and to Cambo who was bloody excellent all game. It was another safe performance by the defence in the match and newest USBOB member, Findley, played well at left back. Shaun and Russell both did first-rate holding roles in midfield and the Cat played well considering his back is totally screwed.

On the whole it was a deserved 9-2 home win and now we must look forward to our next match with confidence.