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8/12/02 Report
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 8/12/02   USBOB   13 v 15  Cameron Alexanders Lot   

Match report

Our usual home ground, the Oval, was full so we decided to play the match in the Prestwick Academy fields. There aren't posts there so bags had to do. It started reasonably well. Ross W always looked dangerous and our defence was holding out. It took a while for them to finally score and it came through a deflected shot from Brian Mcd. A second also followed about five minutes later but a fantastic USBOB move set up Markus to coolly slot home our first goal. We then drew level through Ross W. With Dodds tearing up their defence and Big Jamie Hunter standing firm at the back there actually was a slim chance of us getting something out of the game. But then they scored about five goals in quick succession.

Lroy kept us in the match with brilliant goalkeeping and one of his best saves came where a drive came in (from god knows who) which he saved well but the rebound was expertly headered away by Lroy when he was recovering.

To our advantage, their team started to argue and fall apart and a magnificent goal from Shaun which was struck from his own half lifted our confidence. It was then decided that our game would end with one team scoring 15 goals and things looked bad when they started to score non-stop. Then our luck changed! Big Aggressive Kev turned up and his pish defending and fear of Jamie gave us gaps to play through in their defence. We scored four goals within roughly 5 minutes to bring us to 13-12 but with some sloppy defending and jammy shooting, they finished us off.

After the match Jamie was adamant that Kev "just seemed to fall over next to him all the time" and we were all happy that they hadn't thrashed us again!

Oh ayeTweedie didnt show up