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Match Report
A poor performance is all that can really be said about us. One thing is definate: They really were jammy b*stards. The game started badly with the Fuds having most of the possession and squandering early chances. Luckily for us Shaun (and his new boots) were on hand to score the first goal and lift our team's spirit.
Two goals from the Fuds saw them take the lead but we soon equalised through the ever-present Frig. I also can't remember who scored and the order the teams scored after that but I know I (Russell) hit the crossbar and did nothing much else in the rest of the game. Matt the Catt (also sporting new boots) was a constant threat for us down the right wing but any flowing moved we created were soon stopped by some disgusting, underhand, dirty defending by some guy named Dige (after a biscuit)
The second half was a poor performance all round but we were not helped by the wind coming straight at us. Managing to kick the ball out of the 18-yard box at a goal kick became a huge problem and many USBOB players just lost heart.
Lroy                            Cambo
Markus                      Bossman
Tweedie                     Shaun       
Big Jamie Hunter        Frig
Russell                       Gillies
Stevo                          Rab the Crab
Matt the Cat
Their Team
Fraz himself
Chris Carrol
Stuart Bell (who kept showing people his nipples)
Something Cole
The elder Dodds
A huge guy called Tig
I forget the keeper's name
2 other folk (it'l come to me)

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